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Consumer Information

Why does the web address appear in my browser?
The domain is an ad server by adgoal. It redirects link clicks from different partner websites to the respective destination site and we use it to support our partners with content-related advertising.

What is adgoal?
Adgoal is a service provider that develops innovative marketing solutions and supports website publishers in achieving additional advertising revenue. Our products do not have any impact on the content of the partner websites. They are based on these contents and supplement them in a context-intensive (content-related) way. You can find further information on us and our services at

What is happening in the background and which data is collected?
All adgoal products are based on affiliate marketing. The products developed by adgoal perform a real-time check regarding any existing affiliate program for the link to which the user is redirected. If there is an affiliate program in place, the user is redirected via a tracking link provided by the respective shop. adgoal thereby ensures that the user is actually redirected to the respective destination site. If you, being the user, make a purchase or accept any other commissionable offer from the respective publisher (e.g. conclusion of a contract), adgoal receives a commission from the publisher. The largest part of this commission is forwarded to the provider of the website on which the link was clicked. If there is no affiliate program in place, the user will be redirected without tracking. If a commission has been received, neither adgoal nor the cooperation partner will be able to draw conclusions to what the user purchased!

Is my personal data stored?
No. adgoal does not collect any personal data such as your IP address or the like. Only anonymous data such as the origin and the target URL are stored for statistical purposes. adgoal is not able to draw any conclusions regarding individuals.

Do I have to pay any (additional) costs?
No, you will not have to pay anything. All adgoal products are based on affiliate marketing and are therefore strictly performance-related. The provider will not add the commission received to the purchase price – instead, the distribution expenses as well as all of the company’s other marketing and operating costs are included in the product price – independent of whether they actually apply.

Why does the website publisher have to earn money?
Behind every website there are people or companies who either “only” invest a lot of time or who also have to bear actual costs (e.g. for employees, servers, office space, etc.). Therefore, these costs must be covered in some way, otherwise the website will not stand a chance in the long run. Since most publishers do not want to introduce user fees and users don’t wish to pay fees either, financing by advertising remains the most common method.

Doesn’t the publisher make enough profit already?
Just like for almost any company, the publishers’ costs increase over time. At the same time, however, advertising revenues have been decreasing for years due to an oversupply of advertising space. For this reason website publishers are constantly forced to be on the look-out for new sources of income. With the adgoal products we are offering innovative and unobtrusive revenue models – without any blinking banners, ad breaks, layers, bubbles or other annoying ad formats.

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